The Dreamsleep Mission

DREAMSLEEP is your friend in the dark of the night. A comforting voice when your mind is racing or you can't stop worrying about the big meeting tomorrow. When your internal voice is making you crazy and keeping you awake at night, you need someone to stay up with you, to comfort you until you relax and fall into a peaceful sleep. We are your friend, your voice of comfort and even your surrogate parent who will tuck you gently into bed. 

Many of us suffer from difficulty falling asleep each night. Others of us fall asleep but then wake up in the wee hours and have trouble going back to sleep. Whichever you experience, you are not alone. Millions of Americans experience insomnia, and many of those are suffering from lack of sleep on an ongoing basis due to this insidious condition. 

DREAMSLEEP is also a community of people who understand how you feel and have ideas to help you. It's also a wealth of information on solutions and reviews of products and treatments you may want to try. And perhaps most importantly, DREAMSLEEP is whatever you need it to be, since you get customized recommendations based on your sleep data and lifestyle input, and you get bedtime stories and relaxation audio and video content based on your preferences

Magnifisleep is there for you in the daytime when you want to make your own action plan, and it's there for you in the night when all the world is asleep.